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Hurray for colours

I've never met anyone who didn't like colours, have you?

If we think about it, they accompany us in every moment of the day.

It is fascinating how everything stems from the relationship between a beam of light and the object that reflects it, and how the colour changes into shades and tones based on the intensity of their relationship. After all, the sky is never blue in the same way. In the mountains, at the sea, in the countryside, at the North Pole, in the desert it is different. Have you ever noticed this?

I remember as a young girl thinking: "There is really no such sky!" when I looked at Van Gogh's painting Starry Night in my art book. I had to change my mind.

In November 2004, I was in Akaslompolo, a small village in Finnish Lapland. It was in the afternoon, but it gets dark early there. I was walking home from work. I turned right along the pavement, just a few steps away from my little wooden house squatting at the entrance to the forest. At that moment, I looked up at the sky and exclaimed: 'It really exists!'. Was it the same sky that Van Gogh painted? Who knows! He was in Saint-Remy in France in 1889.

So I am convinced that colours are dispensers of magic. How many times do we stand with our noses in the air and admire the rainbow? The sunset, the sunrise, the cherry tree in bloom, the forest in autumn? Each time is like the first, isn't it?

I have a favourite of them all, but I think you've guessed that by looking at my website. That's right, it's green. It reminds me of nature, my muse, and the scent of musk, which I adore. By the way..... colours belong to everyone, even if someone wants us to believe that blue is for boys and pink for girls. What an oddity! I'm not falling for this trap, I don't want to be robbed of the magic of colours!

And you, do you have a favourite colour?

Feel free to leave a comment. I will be happy to answer you.
See you and remember: every story has its own adventure.

2 thoughts on “Evviva i colori”

  1. Il mio colore preferito? L’azzurro naturalmente, azzurro come il cielo in tutte le sue sfumature. Amo le nuvole e starei ore a guardarle e a fotografarle.

    1. Bellissimo colore l’azzurro! Ti svelo una cosa: la mia prima macchina era verde, ma dentro era tutta azzurra. Buone avventure!

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