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Tutto è possibile?

Ricordi la prima volta in cui hai messo in dubbio qualcosa?Scommetto che si tratta di Babbo Natale. Ho azzeccato?Esiste o non esiste? A pensarci bene questo simpatico omone dalla barba bianca e dalla circonferenza larga ha un bel da fare a districarsi fra camini, balconi,… Read More »Tutto è possibile?

How my stories come to life

In the post "Hurray for colours" I told you that my muse is nature. I know, it would have been more romantic to say he is my husband, but that does not mean he is any less important. On the contrary, without his unconditional support I would probably not be writing about her... Read More »How my stories come to life

Hurray for colours

I've never met anyone who didn't like colours, have you? If we think about it, they accompany us in every moment of the day. It is fascinating how everything stems from the relationship between a beam of light and the object that reflects it... Read More »Hurray for colours

What do you like to do?

Have you ever been asked that question? Fortunately I have. Sometimes it's not about finding answers, but about asking and asking the right questions to answer. I know, it sounds bizarre. Who hasn't come across the classic question: "What do... Read More »What do you like to do?